The Hottest Spring Hair Colour Trends

Hair color trendsThe Hottest Spring Hair Colour Trends
Say goodbye to winter ladies, it's time for spring and finally we're able to flaunt our beautiful hair. Spring leaves behind the gloom of winter, and makes everything sparkle and shine! Dump those beanies, hats and scarves, this spring is all about flaunting those lovely locks! We all know the hair style trends of spring, it's time to shed some light on the colours to rock this season:

Hair color trends
There isn't a whole lot of change in the colour trends, just choosing the right colour for your hair always works magic. It's important to choose that colour which will go perfectly with your skin tone, cause you don't want to end up looking a lost clown in the city! The most 'in' hair colour trends are:


Blonde is always sexy and hot! Think Paris Hilton, Hilary Duff, Jennifer Ainston, Julia Roberts, Gwen Stefani, Blake Lively and more. You can go from natural blonde to strawberry blonde, and even ash blonde goes gorgeous on some skin tones. Don't forget to play with all that blonde-ness and work on making it more pretty by adding lowlights and highlights. Play with the shade to achieve the best look!

Hair color trends
Long gone are the days when a red-head was teased in school and called 'carrot top'. Red is one of the most sought-after hair colour and works well on all skin tones. It's a fun shade, the tones can be played with to make you look girly, or even give you a mature office fashionista look. Burgundy and Auburn are two colours that ladies usually opt for. Think Rihanna, Emma Stone, Christina Hendricks, and Marcia Cross. We absolutely adore Marcia Cross' red and it surely does give a hot look. Those who want a more playful and carefree look can go for Rihanna's red.

Hottest Spring Hair Colour Trends
Brunette is one chic colour. If blonde is naughty, then brunette is sweet. It's a cross between chocolate and black, and comes off gorgeous on all skin tones. A tangy twist can be gives to the regular brunette with a darker or lighter shade of highlights and lowlights. Even a darker shade of red works great as lowlights on a brunette. Think Salma Hayek, Sophia Loren, Nora Jones and Angelina Jolie! Brunette hair always appears healthy and thick. Paired up with smoky eyes, brunette hair will make your look be the hottest in town.

Dark Brown
Selena Gomez - Hottest Spring Hair Colour Trends
Think chocolate, think coffee; that's the dark brown to flaunt this season. It's a bold colour and will instantly glam up your style and make you feel more mature and sexy. This colour can be played up to the extreme and can be made dark, darker and darkest. Think Katy Perry (minus the orange and blue wigs), Kim Kardashian, Nicole Scherzinger, Demi Moore, Nicole Richie and Vanessa Hudgens. This is the hottest shade of tinsel town!

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