How to Wear This Season's Menswear Look

Menswear can make a daring fashion statement, and can be extremely flattering at the same time. Sleek blazers and chic brogues can bring an otherwise blah outfit to life, and menswear-inspired pieces provide an interesting contrast to a girly wardrobe. Although menswear is often in style, it's particularly on trend this season, seen on the collections from designers such as Moschino and Marc Jacobs. If you're interested in trying out the menswear look, keep these styling tips in mind.

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Combine masculine and feminine materials.

One of the first ways to play around with the menswear style is by combining materials in your outfit. Pair a tweed blazer with a low-cut velvet dress, or a lacy blouse with leather trousers. These unexpected combinations of masculine and feminine can create a really interesting look.

Pay attention to shapes.

As you are mixing and matching your masculine and feminine pieces, be aware of how they fit and the silhouette that you're creating. The fit of your clothing can play a major role in how appropriate the final look is. Menswear tends to be large, broad, and slouchy, while more traditionally feminine pieces are fitted. Play with this to strike a balance. A fitted pencil skirt paired with an oversized suit jacket works better than a look that's entirely baggy from head to toe.

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Play around with menswear-inspired accessories.

If you're not ready to wear a full suit yet, why not try enhancing your wardrobe with a few of this season's menswear-inspired accessories? You can view different Gucci shoes models here to pick out a sleek pair of brogues, or opt for a trendy bucket bag in a mannish checked print.

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Wear a simple button-up top.  

One of the easiest ways to incorporate the menswear look into your daily wardrobe is with the addition of a crisp, white, button-down shirt. This is also a staple in any preppy or classic wardrobe. A classic button-down shirt is easy to dress up or down, and provides a clean slate for other accessories or jackets. You can make it look more feminine by leaving the top buttons open at the neck; or look a bit edgier by buttoning up the collar to the top.

Get a jacket in denim or leather.

Leather motorcycle and denim jackets are easy toppers that look great with most fall looks. They can be worn over dresses if you want to provide a dash of edge, and can be dressed up or down. Try a cropped or coloured denim jacket if you want to make it more feminine.

Strike a balance.

Essentially, the best way to wear menswear this season is to find the right balance between feminine and masculine pieces. You want to avoid going too extreme, so keep your hair and makeup in mind as well. You might look great in a tuxedo, but it will make a stronger fashion statement with a colourful lipstick and heels to keep this balance.

Above all, have fun with your look and don't be afraid to experiment!

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