Sea, Sun, and… Surgery? Getting a Nip and Tuck on your Holiday

As the cool weather sets in this year have you started fantasizing about warm sandy beaches? Sun-drenched destinations are always popular with visitors, but in recent years they have become popular for another reason – the extreme makeover. This is a way to double-task, soaking up the sun and leaving your work accounts behind while improving your appearance at the same time. Whether you opt for a bit of pampering at a spa or full-body liposuction, you could return home refreshed and rejuvenated.

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Top Destinations
Plastic surgery is practised throughout the world, but some destinations hold more of an allure for patients travelling from abroad. In Europe, Poland, Hungary, Romania, and Denmark are top destinations, particularly for cosmetic dentistry. Los Angeles, Brazil, and Buenos Aires lead the way in the Americas, while Thailand and Australia are hotspots to the east. The most attractive destination will depend on a patient's budget, expectations, and travel style. A procedure may be cheaper in Thailand, but an English-speaking patient may feel more comfortable recovering on the beaches of Australia, for example.

In-Demand Procedures
Dental work is swiftly becoming one of the most sought-after types of cosmetic surgery for travellers. This is because recovery time tends to be shorter than other surgeries, and the cost of a full set of dental implants or veneers can be prohibitive at home. Breast augmentation and buttocks lifts are top choices, as is liposuction and facial reshaping. These can be combined with local activities, factoring in recovery time. A patient may choose to get a rhinoplasty Sydney after already learning to surf, or get a tummy tuck in Buenos Aires after learning to tango. It's not only surgical procedures that are in high demand, however. Beauty treatments such as dermal fillers and Botox can be taken care of within an afternoon at the spa, leaving you feeling fresh and ready to go out on the town afterwards.

Before you Go
Although you may have visions of surfing, dancing, and sunbathing running through your mind, it's important to be realistic about the type of procedure you choose. If you want to take those surfing lessons, just be sure to book them in before the big surgery day. Cost can also vary considerably depending on your destination, so research your options carefully and obtain quotes from several different clinics. Many overseas clinics will now conduct a consultation over Skype, so that you can ask questions before you book your flights. Before-and-after photos and references are also a must. 
When you obtain quotes, find out whether this covers the cost of medication and aftercare, or if it's for the procedure alone. You may want to bring a trusted friend along for support, or you'll need to hire a nurse if you're getting extensive work done. It's also highly recommended to find a local surgeon for aftercare at home, in case you need it.

Although a bit of due diligence is important for any type of medical tourism, the allure of blue skies and beauty treatments is one that is drawing an increasing number of travellers! 

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