Top 7 Hot Trends for Prom 2015

Prom is a magical night in any young girl's dreams. It is a time for dancing, for celebrating everything about being young, and for looking your best. For 2015, the hottest trends in picking out prom dresses are in. Read on and find out what dresses you should be looking for.

Fairytale Ball Gown

Almost any girl wants to feel like a princess at least once in life, and prom night is certainly a very good excuse for that! For a bewitching night, wear a romantic gown that looks like it came straight out of fairytale books. These voluminous ball gowns are perfect for waltz dance numbers with your date, but be sure to check that your gown is not overly heavy for the more modern tunes.

Roaring Animal Print

Go wild on your prom night and wear an animal print dress. This is certainly a unique style for an occasion that usually calls for dreamy dresses with light fabrics, but if you want to channel your inner creativity and ferocity, this is certainly one way to go.

Bright Colors

For a punch of fun, you can never go wrong with bright hues! Full of energy and vibrant moods, bright colors show that you are ready for a night to remember. Girls wearing them show that they have a merry personality that enlivens the room they walk into. Go with attractive colors that suit your personality, whether it be yellow for a sunny disposition or hot pink for ultimate femininity.

Black and White

A black and white dress is the recipe for classic dignity and grace. Perfect for formal occasions, black and white dresses can actually be appropriate for prom without the risk of being called uptight. Just be creative and choose a black and white dress that has an added edge to it. These dresses can show you're both youthfully dignified and appealing as an individual.


Cutouts are undoubtedly the rage these days. Ranging from shoulder to waist cuts, celebrities have been known to rock the cutout type of dress in a variety of ways on the red carpet. Giving of an aura of aplomb and mature femininity, cutout dresses are perfect for showcasing your inner diva.


The call of days gone by is never far from the days of the present. Dreamy dresses from other eras still constantly find their ways in different events – weddings, school dances or birthdays. Vintage dresses show that you are a girl with a classical sense, willing to look into the past for inspiration while being a modern individual.

Sparkly Sequins

For an added attraction, wear a sparkly dress that show off your penchant for shiny things. Sequins are certainly a good choice, they catch the light really well and sculpt your form. Sparkly dresses, especially when accessorized just right, show that you are ready to get into that party vibe and spread  your party spirit to others around you.

Whatever the type of dress you choose, you can never go wrong with these trends for prom 2015. Preparing for prom starts long before the date comes peeking round, so make sure to plan ahead and choose the perfect dress. Remember, prom is about being young, so be proud of who you are now and show off your personality with your dress.

Sophie White is a fashion blogger based in Australia. Her passion for dresses, hairstyle, and self-expression has inspired her to lead the online marketing campaign for Prom Outfitters, a prom boutique based in Brooklyn, NY.

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