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Swimsuit Ideas for a More Slimming Look

Swimsuit Ideas for a More Slimming Look Swimsuits make women very conscious about their body types, which is why women always look for ways to make themselves appear more toned without having to expose too much skin. These are some of the swimsuit ideas to try out to pull off a sexier, leaner look at the beach or pool.

1. Bright, solid colors
Swimsuits with bright, solid colors make you look slimmer because of its body-shaping tendency. Bright colors look very warm and can even look good with simple cuts. If you already have a tan, go for a bright red one-piece swimsuit or if you still have a paler shade, opt for darker colors such as navy blue.

2. Go retro 
Vintage-style swimsuits give you more cover and make you look absolutely sophisticated. Retro designs such as polka dots in pin-up style swimwear give off an elegant effect while giving you ample support and comfort. Retro bathing suits are also very slimming; you don’t need to show off much skin with this type of swimwear as it will make you look readily classy.

3. Wear a cute tank top or skirt ensemble 
For more modesty, opt for an ensemble that features a bikini top with a skirt or shorts, or a tank top with a bikini bottom. These types of bathing suits give you more cover and hide the areas you might not want to expose.

4. Color block 
Swimwear that features color blocking gives off a visual illusion. Go for color block pieces that have designs that make you look thinner around the waist or other areas of your body. This type of style is also very trendy and makes you look extra stylish.

5. Vivid, colorful prints 
Whether you want floral or animal designs, a printed type of swimwear with bursts of colors can make you look slimmer. With such a splash of color and detail, your body will look more toned, making you look absolutely vibrant on the beach or pool.

6. Ruched pieces 
Ruched clothes are in. When it comes to swimwear, ruched pieces are a woman’s best friend in hiding problem areas. With such elaborate tiny folds, this type of bathing suit gives off an illusion of a more emphasized form. Choose a ruched swimsuit that highlights the waist area to give yourself a thinner waist.

7. Wear classic black 
There is no question about the slimming effects of a black garment. Whether in dresses or swimwear, the classic black color has become a woman’s go-to slimming avenue. Black clothes are also unquestionably elegant and classic. With a black swimsuit, you’ll look slimmer and more sophisticated. Choose a black bathing suit with more modern detail, such as one with cutouts or a sheathed upper body design.

8. Vertical stripes 
Vertical stripes are another favorite illusion for a more slimming look. Vertically striped swimsuits follow the natural contours of your body and make you look thinner. This visual illusion gives you an effortless option for looking instantly leaner while making you look stylish as well.

9. Body-shaping swimwear 
In addition to all other options, there are also body-shaping swimsuits out there that come with spandex-style enclosures that give you a more fitted, slenderer look. These come in many designs as well and are known for instantly giving you a thinner appearance around the waist and stomach. Make sure that you feel comfortable wearing this and that it is not too tight for your comfort. When choosing a swimsuit, the top things to consider are fit and personal style. You need a swimwear that makes you feel comfortable and fits just right. Your swimsuit also needs to adhere to your personal sense of style. Try out the options in this article and look for that perfect bathing suit, ever prepared to have loads of fun at the beach or pool.

Sophie White is a fashion blogger based in Australia. She’s up to date with the latest trend in clothing, hairstyle, shoes and any apparel that can turn heads. Her passion for fashion has inspired her to lead the online marketing campaign for Swimsuits Direct, a women’s swimwear boutique in North Brunswick, NJ.

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