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How to Wear your Favourite Game, Bingo!

Bingo is just a game, right? Wrong! Bingo is life! It’s what you breathe, sleep, eat… and now wear.
For those of you who play the game of Bingo obsessively – either in real life or online at sites like – with such zest as to be constantly thinking about it, to share socially with your friends in the experience, you know what’s up. And if you also happen to enjoy dressing fashionably and just presenting well, then you know that retro is in, and bingo is retro.
So without further ado, here are some tips to inject a little bit of bingo into your wardrobe!

Splash your Hair with Colour and Accessories
Theming an outfit all the way from the bottom to the top is an important way to establish aesthetic cohesion. Hair accessories are a great way to achieve that. Think big and bold! Crafting brightly coloured objects like bingo ball hair beads or bands, or even a piece of bingo fabric that you can turn into a ponytail tie works wonders. Grab some elastic, fiddle around for a bit, and voila! You have got yourself a scrunchie.

Cover up those Legs
For the upcoming cold fall and winter seasons, you will want to find some creative use to brand your leggings and tights with your favourite game of Bingo. Keep an eye out for the ever-fashionable stripy patterns and designs, of which there are dozens of designs to choose from. Bingo ball designs may be more difficult finds, but if you can find something along those lines to pair with either a jumper dress or a plan shift dress, you are golden (and warm)!

Shop Thrifty
Thrift shops are among some of the best places to find cool, retro items that you might have never known scream Bingo! Along with charity stores, websites that offer personalised designs, Etsy and even EBay, there is a lot out there. You just have diligently scour for the best little bits and pieces to put together. With enough tweaking and tinkering of elusive accessories for your bingo wardrobe, you will have the perfect look in no time.

Tees that are a few Sizes too much
In case you have not noticed, oversized tees are so hot right now and offer lots of extra fabric to customise to your liking. You can sew on bingo ball patches or patterns, or even upload a design that you like to adorn on the front, thanks to the magic of modern technology. Stick with retro colours, something that is subtly or more overtly bingo themed, and wear it loud and proud around town. Jeans work great with this simple, yet laid-back look.

Accessorise All Around
Get creative with earrings, scarves, rings, toe nail designs… you name it! You will need to make a few extra rounds to your favourite thrift store for that sexy Halloween costume you are putting together, so go the extra mile and pick up some bingo themed beads to fashion a crazy necklace or bracelet? You are only limited by your imagination!
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