Make a Manly Wardrobe Statement with These Four Accessories

Stylish and relevant accessories have always played a role in any man's ensemble. In recent years, an entire industry has emerged with the intent of providing men with simple yet practical solutions for day-to-day outfits. It should come as no surprise that men want to make a statement with their wardrobes as much as women do.

Picking the right accessories for any manly outfit can be a bit of a challenge. A fine line should be walked, between “overdoing it” and looking too bare. We've put together a list of four excellent accessories that any man can include in his outfit in order to make a manly statement without seemingly asking for attention.

Aluminum Training Knives

Long known as a raw component of masculinity, the knife symbolizes man's balance of protection and aggression. Casually displayed, the knife can send a message that a man is prepared if attacked without seeming as an over-aggressive monster.

Aluminum training knives are an excellent outfit addition in the right circumstances. They pose no real threat or risk to the wearer or to others, but appear to be very real to those who observe them. Many professional stuntmen, martial arts enthusiasts and self-defense gurus use aluminum training knives to teach basic tactics and re-enact scenes. This stylistic accessory can be an excellent addition to many manly wardrobes.

Classic Ties

Some may think of ties as being only for business men, but the tie can add an element of masculinity and raw power to many different modern outfits. Whether donned with business casual outfits or a complete three-piece suit, a tie can make plenty of different statements depending on the wearer, color and style.

With many different guides out there on how to pick a tie, we're sure that you'll find the perfect combination for any manly outfit. It's important to remember that high-quality ties can make an important statement. Cheaper ties combined with more expensive clothing will be an obvious contrast, so choose a manly tie from a quality company.


While more often “heard” than seen, the choice of a man's wallet can say a lot about him. In many respects, the wallet is a status symbol. It stores our earnings and our identification documents, so it's important that the wallet – when it is seen – makes a profound statement.

A variety of high-quality leather wallets are available in a wide selection of colors to go with any ensemble. Many men opt for leather wallets due to the masculine statement that animal hide makes in such a subtle way. We recommend replacing even high-quality wallets every few years in order to keep up with current trends and to ensure the wallet continues to make a statement.


Not all accessories are created equally in terms of visibility, but the belt in one of the first things people will notice about you. Any manly outfit should be accentuated with a high-quality, rugged belt that goes well with the outfit.

Durable leather belts can last for ages with proper wear and upkeep, and can also be used to make a bold statement when combined with a masculine belt-buckle. We recommend owning a few different belts, one for each occasion and type of wardrobe.

There are dozens of ways to add a manly touch to any wardrobe. What ideas do you have? Let us know below.

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