How to Protect The Time and Money You Have Invested in Your Home: The Basics

You may have spent years creating the perfect living spaces in your home, and you have probably filled that space with beautiful and expensive items to enhance its look. So wouldn’t it be an absolute nightmare to come home one day and find your dream home has been emptied? All the things you have worked so hard to put in place suddenly gone? This is a scenario that we all dread, and with the Office of National Statistics patterns and trends of crime showing us that there were almost 6 million crimes against property in 2015; it is a scenario that you could face; especially in a major city like London. You need to be prepared, and that preparation should involve home security and being able to replace any property that is stolen. Here we are going to look at some of the basics you should cover trying to protect your home investment

Home Protection

Home protection is the type of thing that any robber dreads, and can encompass measures ranging from good security lighting to a private security guard. The correct measures taken with home protection will deter all but the most determined criminal, and these physical and visible strategies have proven to be the best deterrent you can have. In the perfect world you would live in a secure estate with constant lighting and security guards on patrol. Luckily, it is possible to have the lighting installed anywhere, for a neighbourhood to organise patrols, and for you to purchase a dog. If these things are possible, do them.


Keeping your home secure is different to home protection; it focuses on making the home a more secure place rather than deterring criminals in the first place. It is incredibly important to have the right types of locks on all of your doors and windows, and if you are not sure you have them, call on the services of a company like Metro Locks London to make sure everything is OK. Security glass and alarms should also be fitted and, if you are in a highly vulnerable spot, you may need to think about shutters too.

Security Marking

This is something that is often overlooked by homeowners, but if your property is recovered by the police, it is a sure way for them to be able to identify you as the owner and return your stolen items to you. If you have any sentimental items, you should always help the police to return them to you by marking them in some way, and it is worth doing this for your expensive items too. From marker pens to synthetic DNA, there are many alternative methods, simply make sure you use one.


All sensible homeowners have an extensive insurance policy to replace items that may be damaged or stolen, and though this will not replace the things you have grown to love in your home, it will enable you to start replacing those things with new items. Choosing the best policy for your home insurance is no simple matter, and you need to make sure that your policy has no exclusions or caveats written into it that will surprise you and increase your distress when you make a claim. In short, get a professional insurance advisor to set up your insurance policy.

A burglary in your home is not something that you will want to happen, but the least you can do is be prepared for the eventuality. Hopefully, this article will help you do that.
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