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Essay on Fashion among Students

Fashion is one of the engines that make the world go round. We all know what fashion is, however it is difficult to provide a single definition of this term. To my mind, fashion is a broad category that touches upon clothes, hair, behavior, lifestyle, manners and speech. There are different trends in clothing, speaking and even living. Some people decide to keep fit whereas their neighbors do it. One wants to become a vegetarian, because it is trendy. The other chooses red chinos, because everybody wears them. As might be expected, fashion influences young people heavily. Thus, I want to concentrate on the influence of fashion on students. I want to clarify what they wear, listen to, how they behave and communicate with one another.

Let us start with the enumeration of the major components of fashion that have solid impact on young people. The foremost factor is clothes. This element helps students reach their main goal – originality. Every young woman and man strives to differ from the rest of the group in order to be noticeable. Young women decide to wear brand new trendy dresses, jeans, skirts, shoes, accessories, etc. to impress others and improve their self-esteem and self-respect. They believe that their new clothes help them gain popularity at school, college or university. Without doubt, this approach works, inasmuch as people always pay special attention to appearance. Nonetheless, it will be wrong to claim that fashion is a female prerogative. Young men are the same ‘victims’ of fashion. They spend hours looking for trendy shoes and slim jeans to meet the requirements of their social groups.

Clearly, haircut is closely related to clothes. These two elements depend on a student’s style and subculture. When a boy enjoys heavy genres of music, he will not shave his head and wear bright colors resembling a rainbow. Such students wear long hair, heavy boots or sneakers preferring dark colors in their wardrobe. Undoubtedly, it is difficult to speak about originality in case of subcultures whereas there are informal canons or standards that should be followed by the members of the peculiar subculture. Young women enjoy experimenting with their hair too. One day their hair is neatly combed. The next day it looks shabby and untidy. In the end, she can cut it at all.

I would like to focus on communication in the context of fashion. Sad to say but the absolute number of students spend the majority of their free time in the Internet. Social networks, blogs, forums, etc. contain much information. Young people are able to read, watch, listen to this content and discuss it with one another. It influences their speech and manner of thinking. It is trendy to say and write LOL or ROFL when you see something amusing. Students use smiles and stickers forasmuch everyone uses them in the web. Young people get used to this style of communication and they transmit it to their reality.

Ultimately, I can write about the impact of fashion on one’s lifestyle. Nowadays, it is trendy to keep fit and work hard in the gym to look like Apollo. In addition, many people decide to go green and begin to care about the natural environment. Unluckily, very few people really support these ideas. For instance, more than 50% of vegetarians do not consume meat, because their friends are veggies.

How do students learn about fashion? Our world is globalized. You can turn on the TV or spend time in the Internet and you will be attacked by fashion and various trendy items, clothes, ideas, words and expressions. There are many reality shows on TV that promote the specific styles of clothing, behavior and communication. Students watch these programs and imitate the behavior and style of the TV characters. Besides, they have their favorite celebrities. They want to look like their idols copying their lifestyle and appearance.

Fashion is one of the most important factors that influence young people. They receive information about the latest trends in fashion from mass media. Teenagers want to differ from others with the help of their clothes, haircut, manner of speech and behavior. All these elements are the integral parts of fashion.

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