How To Select Makeup For Dark Skin Tone

How To Select Makeup For Dark Skin Tone

If you have exotic black skin, selecting makeup can be hard at times. Though there are a number of products available, but choosing the right shade is a hassle.

Warm beige, golden brown, burgundy and terracotta are the safe choices for black skin. You can be more adventurous by creating contrasts with bright hues and metallics.

Here is a guide for girls with gorgeous chocolate skin tone to pick the right makeup shades for their complexion:

How To Select Makeup For Dark Skin Tone - Foundation

Foundation & Bronzer

Foundation and bronzer must always match the natural skin tone. Brands such as NARS and MAC offer a vast range so picking out your colours won't be difficult.

How To Select Makeup For Dark Skin Tone - Blush


Tawny is a gentle and easy-to-wear colour for everyday looks, while lilac works well with pastel eyeshadows. Bright corals and apricot also look beautiful, but sheer colours won't show up on dark skin. Tangerine and bright rosy shades are all going to give a healthy pop of colour on dark skin. Dark skins get more stunning with highlighting so a glow can be given to the skin easily.

How To Select Makeup For Dark Skin Tone - Eyeshadow


Bright blue and pearly lilac come off as stunning for bold and bright eyes, while deep warm colours such as red and burgundy always look good. Dark skin tones can opt for a shimmery bronze on the eyelids and colour pay off can be intensified by using a damp brush.

How To Select Makeup For Dark Skin Tone - Mascara

Eyeliner & Mascara

Black mascara gives the eyes a full and intense look, enhancing their natural smokiness. Eyeliners also in black give a sleek, sharp and attractive look. Eyeliners can be experimented with. Bold bold and green are shades that give brown and dark skin tones an intense effect.

How To Select Makeup For Dark Skin Tone - Lipstick


Mauve-pink looks good with bright or pastel eyeshadows, while deep burgundy creates a warm and subtle effect. Now a number of nude shades are available, and finding your shade won't be hard. Cool or warm shades can both flatter dark skin, it depends on how the colours comes on the skin tone. Dark women can easily carry bold orchids, bright red or orange, however, a glossy or moisturised pout is essential else the colour will look wash off on dark skins.

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