How To Choose The Correct Bra Size

How To Choose The Correct Bra Size

A lot of women wear the incorrect bra size and tend to remain uncomfortable. Bras need to be like second skin, very comfortable and the one that gives you the best shape.

Learning your correct measurements is the utmost thing that women need to do, in order to prevent discomfort and damaging the breast tissue.

Wearing the wrong bra size can also lead to back pain, the sagging of breasts, and even the tearing of ligaments inside the breast due to pressure.

Often women tend to be shy and don't wish to spend a lot of time trying bras to find their proper fit, and this proves bad not only for health but for aesthetic too.

Here's a guide for choosing the correct bra size so that you can feel and look your best:

1. It is advisable to wear a well-fitted and non-padded bra to measure yourself. The bra should be comfortable and not dig into your sides. You should also not have any 'back fat' in that bra. Your nipples must fall halfway between your shoulder and elbow.

How To Choose The Correct Bra Size

2. You will first have to find your band size. Take a tape measurer and measure right under your breasts and around your ribcage. This is the same area where the bra wraps around your body. Slightly pull the tape so that it snug but not very tight, and write down this measurement, rounding up to the nearest whole number (example if your measurement is 33.5 inches, write down 34 inches. Band sizes are usually measured in even numbers. If your measurement was an odd number, try going up or down a size.

How To Choose The Correct Bra Size

3.Now find your bust size. There are days when your breasts tend to feel bloated or heavy due to hormones, so avoid measuring yourself on those days, Wrap the tape measurer on your bust, do not pull snugly, and measure your bust. Make sure the tape is straight across your back. Measure to the breast that is fuller than the other since most women have one breast that is slightly fuller. Write down this measurement too.

How To Choose The Correct Bra Size

4. Subtract your band size from your bust size. The difference between these two numbers is your guide to finding the correct cup size. A 1 inch difference = A cup. 2 inch = B cup. 3 inch = C cup. 4 inch = D cup. 5 inch = DD cup.

How To Choose The Correct Bra Size

5. Combine the cup size with your band size, and you will get your correct bra size. So, a 36C means you have a 36 inch band and a C cup.

How To Choose The Correct Bra Size

6. Remember the fact that the cup size is not the same for all band sizes. While trying on bras, if you change your band size, you will also have to change your cup size.

7. The right bra should fit snugly, and you should be able to get two fingers under the band without any trouble. If the back of the bra is riding up or you are pulling up the shoulder straps throughout the day, then the band size is too big. Remember you can always adjust the hooks and eyes in the back, but if this still doesn't do the trick then you'll need to go a size down. 
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