Top 5 Beauty Hacks Every Girl Needs To Know

If you watch YouTube videos often‚ you must have come across a beauty hacks video. You would have found some of those hacks as doable while others would have sounded totally crazy to you. I have probably watched dozens of hacks video and found some of those hacks very practical. Here is a list of beauty hacks that I use on a daily basis and I think every makeup lover needs to try these hacks to make their life easier.

Top 5 Beauty Hacks Every Girl Needs To Know

1) My favourite hack is making a dried out gel eyeliner useable again. This trick is also applicable for brow pomades. If you have a gel eyeliner or a brow pomade that is completely dried out‚ all you have to do is put the pot of gel eyeliner in hot water and let it stay there for 3-5 minutes. After the water has cooled down a bit‚ take the gel eyeliner out and it is good to use again. If your gel liner or brow pomade is just dry a little bit and is clumpy and hard to apply‚ all you need to do is put some product on your hand and rub it. With the heat of your body, the gel liner's consistency would get smooth and it will be easy to apply it.

Top 5 Beauty Hacks Every Girl Needs To Know

2) My second favourite beauty hack is perfect for those girls, who are insecure about their nose. If you want to make your nose look thinner‚ but don't want to contour on a daily basis‚ all you have to do is apply a light shade concealer or a highlighter with a natural sheen on the bridge of your nose and the tip of your nose. This will give your nose a thinning effect and you don't have to worry about your nose.

Top 5 Beauty Hacks Every Girl Needs To Know

3) I have naturally wavy hair‚ but for days when I want those beach waves without putting extra effort in styling my hair or using heating tools‚ all I do is wet my hair. Depending on how thick your hair is, tightly braid it into 4-5 braids and let it air dry. When your hair is completely dry unbraid your hair and run your fingers through your hair to loosen up the waves. You are all set to flaunt your beachy waves.

Top 5 Beauty Hacks Every Girl Needs To Know

4) Lately, it has been all about matte lips and I know how hard it is to not use your endless collection of cream and glossy finish lipsticks. To make your cream or glossy lipstick matte‚ first apply the lipstick onto your lips. After that‚ slightly pat your lips with a tissue to absorb excess shine. Your matte lips are good to go. If you want to make your lips more matte‚ then slightly brush translucent powder over your lips and you are all done. If you have too many matte lipsticks and matte lipstick trend is just not for you then apply a lip balm under your matte lipstick or top it off with a clear lip gloss to avoid dry lips.

Top 5 Beauty Hacks Every Girl Needs To Know

5) Last but not the least, in this scorching heat I don't feel like leaving my hair as it is. They need to be in a ponytail or a top bun. However, my baby hair make every hairstyle look ugly. If you have the same problem just take a toothbrush and a hair setting spray. Spray the hair setting spray on the toothbrush and comb it over your baby hair. They will stay in place for the rest of the day and won't budge again.

Disclaimer: All these pictures are taken from Google and YouTube, due credits go to their owners.
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