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Cosy Fashion Trends for Autumn/Winter 2017

The autumn and winter clothing for 2016/2017 is here, and that means that it’s time to cosy up into your favourite sweaters, don your favourite boots, and grab your favourite cup of hot chocolate to go outside and explore, or stay in and enjoy fun autumnal activities while staying warm. But what trends, in particular, are really making headlines this year? Check some of them out below so you can always look fabulous.

Velvet Is Back
Who would’ve thought that velvet would come back in full force for the autumn/winter 2016 season? Unless you dress in a Goth style wardrobe, you probably don’t have a lot of velvet in your closet, but this year, the trend is velvet suits for ladies, velvet dresses, velvet trousers, and velvet tops. You may have already seen some of these at your local department stores, and you may have thought it a bit strange at first. But velvet is warm and luxurious, so give it a try. Stick with deep hues, like deep blue, which was really popular on the runways.

The Military Jacket
The military jacket is another trend to expect this year. It graced the runways but in a more feminine look than you are probably used to. Everything from pompoms and oriental prints, to bows and more, have been added to these long jackets to give them a whole new appearance while keeping you warm and protected from the elements as the weather gets chilly.

Military Knit
In addition to the military jacket, the military knit also hit the runways this season. Models wore cosy jumpers, khaki knits, super long knit dresses, and distressed knits. This is definitely a great way to stay warm as the temperature drops, and it is a unique trend that hasn’t been done a lot of times before, so if you are in search of a way to really change up your wardrobe, this is it.

Layer It Up
Layers aren’t just for keeping warm this year, they are also a popular fashion trend. Take DKNY, as an example, who focused on layers that were full and even a little absurd on the runways this year. You can do anything you want with layers. For example, you can put on a lace dress over a pair of trousers and a bandeau top. You could also wear a lace turtleneck underneath velvet.

Satin Dresses
When you head out to shop for your holiday party attire, consider looking at the satin dresses that are likely going to be on the racks. This trend is a way to work lingerie into daytime fashion, and dresses made of satin were found all over the runways. The fabric really is beautiful as it drapes over a feminine shape.

These are just a handful of the many cosy fashion trends that you can take advantage of for the autumn/winter 2017 season. If you head out for some shopping today, you will likely find a lot of these trends in stores already, so feel free to revamp your closet so you can always look your best.

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