Suitable clothing when going to a casino

Feeling lucky? Heading down the casino this weekend but unsure what to wear? Don’t worry- it’s not all bow ties and pressed trousers, most casinos are relaxing and sophisticated environments for people to play their favourite games in, but that doesn’t mean come in tracks suit bottoms and your favourite football shirts. That doesn’t, however, mean you have to come looking like the next James Bond either. The problem is televised poker has given a number of people the wrong idea about how to dress when they go to the casino. There needs to be a balance and you need to figure out the reason for why you’re going.

Gamble or party?
The first thing you need to consider before you even decide what you are going to wear is the reason for going to the casino.  Are you going there to gamble or party? If you’re in the gambling the mood, then your typical casual suit would do, it shows your sophistication and maturity. Formal dress can be worn if you’re a ‘high roller’ and want to associate yourself with the high roller crowd, but if you don’t, the generic suit, shirt and trousers will do.

If your intention is to have a night out, well then, wear something that will epitome your sex appeal. Not only will it give you the extra attention in the clubs, but it might even get you a small gathering in the casino itself. You’ll never find the specific dress code posted a most casino’s, but in reality. just visit the casino’s website to gain a better understanding in the sort of environment it’s submerged in and if that fails, then maybe try to generate your own poker-name to inspire yourself with certain ideas or images in your head.

Different clothing brings in Different crowds
Another aspect to take into account in regards to clothing when going to casinos is what crowd you want to attract. Look at photos and see who are socialising with whom. After having a good look, try to consider who you want to be associated with. If you’re wearing a party outfit, you’re not going to have much hope in joining the suave gamblers by the black jack table. The best advice I can give is- do your research, look at what sort of casino it is different and by doing your research, you’ll be able to gather a good understanding on vibe of the vicinity.

Overall, there isn’t any specific clothing that’s associated with casinos; it’s all dependent on how the casino wants to portray themselves and the crowd they want to bring in. Also it down to you and what you find comfortable in wearing. If you’re a female going to a casino and you see most of the women wearing short skirts which you find uncomfortable, then just pick another one which will allow you to wear something you feel confident in. There to have fun and be entertained, not feel anxious in what you’re wearing. Do you research, go and win in style.
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