How to Celebrate This Christmas Like a Celebrity

The holiday season is a magical time for everyone, but celebrities seem to take the celebrations to another level. Many of the A-list celebs enjoy spending time with family and friends during Christmastime, whether on a warm beach in a tropical location or snuggled up by a fireplace. Some celebrities even choose a quiet celebration at home with their loved ones.

Warm Pajamas

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One of the gifts that seems to always make it on celebrities’ wish lists is a pair of comfortable and warm pajamas. Stars such as Taylor Swift, Sarah Hyland, and Miley Cyrus posted photos of themselves on their Instagram accounts of their flannel and footed pajamas that they received as Christmas gifts. Neil Patrick Harris even shared an image of his young son wearing a pair of pajamas and matching hat that turned the little guy into a Santa Claus replica. So if your goal is to celebrate like a celeb this year, be sure to shop for fuzzy pajamas.

Show off Your Kids (or Pets)
Celebrities love posting photos of their beloved family members on social media. Christmas brings this out in full force, with images popping up of babies, cats, and dogs dressed in their holiday finest. Last year, Mariah Carey shared a photo of her twins, along with ex Nick Cannon dressed up like Santa Claus. Paris Hilton posted a pic of herself cuddling with a kitten, while seated next to a Christmas tree. When you are deciding what photos to share with your followers, be sure at least one or more includes pictures of your babies, nieces, nephews, and furry friends.

Design a Killer Christmas Card
Every year, fans of the Kardashian clan wait eagerly for a glimpse of the annual holiday photo of the family. Josh Duhamel and wife Fergie showed off their style with a festive card, featuring him shirtless and her in a traditional holiday sweater. Tom Daley shared a photo of himself holding mistletoe and not wearing much else, generating the interest of plenty of his fans around the globe. Even Justin Bieber got in on the Christmas card fun by posing behind a tree and an owl, wearing the traditional red stocking cap.

Be Sure to Wear an Ugly Sweater

Image via Flickr by TheUglySweaterShop

Celebs have jumped on the bandwagon of the latest trend in holiday attire: ugly sweaters. Some of the A-listers are hosting their own ugly sweater parties for their friends and family members, while others just wear the sweaters to take selfies and share them online. Kesha showed off her newest gift, a cat sweater, beneath her huge grin on Instagram. If you’d rather not don an itchy, uncomfortable sweater, you can also copy Joe Jonas by putting on a cowboy hat and wear a giant wreath around your neck.

Deck Your Halls

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Another way that celebs love to show off their holiday spirit is by decorating their homes, inside and out. Beyonce posted a photo of her daughter, Blue, admiring their elegant and expansive Christmas tree. Kim Kardashian also shared an image of the Christmas tree that decorated the family’s home, which was a huge tree that nearly scraped the ceiling. If you need a little assistance with your decorations, visit to find some inspiration.

Shop Big
Celebrities often receive extravagant gifts, whether from themselves or from loved ones. If you want to celebrate Christmas like an A-lister, be sure to share photos of your swag with everyone who follows you on social media. Even Ryan Seacrest, who posted an image of the holiday-themed socks he received from his mother, got plenty of likes on his photo. If you want to go more over the top, check out what Kanye West gave to then-fiancée Kim Kardashian: a hand-painted Hermes Birkin bag. Mark Ruffalo chose a more sentimental route, sharing about time with family and homemade cookies.
Celebrating like a celebrity may take a little extra work, but they always seem to have more fun than the regular folks. With a few simple steps, you can also share in the fun and excitement that comes along with the holiday season.

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