6 Ways To Use The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil‏

6 Ways to use The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil has become an addiction for me. I purchase it regularly and am, perhaps its greatest fan.

The miracle oil caters to all my skincare needs, and over the years I have found ways to incorporate it into my other routines including hair and even household.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil is my most purchased product from the brand, and I also love their Tea Tree Oil Skin Clearing Facial Wash.

Although popular to target acne and blemished skin as it has healthy antibacterial properties, here is a list of more ways this beauty gem can be used:


Tea Tree Oil works better than any drug store acne remedy, and doesn't dry out the skin. Use it twice a day on the effected areas with a cotton swab or direct finger tips.

Antibacterial Make Up Remover

Most make up remover lotions and potions aren't antibacterial and that bothers me the most. I add a few drops of TBS Tea Tree Oil into my regular make up remover and cleansing milk, and love my germ free skin.

Smelly & Tired Feet

A couple of drops of the oil into your pedicure soak or just a bowl of lukewarm water will leave your feet odourless, fresh and clean. Its aromatic scent will also soothe tired feet.

Sores & Cuts

A dab of Tea Tree Oil directly on the sore or cut can help relieve it faster than most over-the-counter solutions. You may mix it with Vaseline as well to soothe itchy and dry blisters.

Dandruff & Head Lice

Tea Tree Oil is effective for curing dandruff and getting rid of head lice. A few drops of the oil into your regular shampoo can work miracles, or even adding it into hair oils can soothe itchy scalp and get rid of lice and dandruff. It is also known to prevent hair fall.

Razor Burns & Ingrown Hair

Razor burns and ingrown hair are quite painful and take an awful lot of time to heal. Applying tea tree oil on to it can help with the pain, get rid of bacteria and provide a comforting sensation to the skin.

Disclaimer: Tea Tree Oil should always be used diluted (The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil is already diluted) and should never be consumed orally as it can be toxic.
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