Fast & Natural Weight Loss Tips

Fast & Natural Weight Loss Tips

There is tons of information floating around on the web, TV shows and books claiming rapid weight loss, but there is barely any effectiveness in those.

A number of fad diets have been around, and ineffective and unsafe measures such as diet pills and gastric bands have become popular which never seem to offer any long term results.

Weight loss is a natural process which needs to be aided with natural methods. The results might not be as fast as you expect, but once your body gets into the rhythm, weight loss comes easy.

Long term weight loss comes only with a lifestyle change. Those looking to drop quick pounds often see those pounds coming back.

The very first step of weight loss is to realise that you need a change in your health and body. After making up your mind there are a few things that need to included in your diet and routine.

You need to give up any crazy diet plans that celebrities claim to be the 'it' thing for a sexy body, not to starve yourself, and give your body an active routine.

Setting realistic goals is the key, and understanding that every body is different. Your friend might lose more weight with the same diet and lifestyle changes as you.

Never give up hope, and love and cherish your body during your weight loss journey.

Long term weight loss will only come with a lifestyle change, not by following what the new 'it' weight loss trend is.

Here are some tips for changes in your lifestyle and diet for a fast and natural weight loss process.

Fast & Natural Weight Loss Tips - Drink plenty of water

Drink Water

However annoying it may sound, drinking plenty of water helps in eliminating fats and toxins from the body. Don't stick to the 8 glasses rule, drink as much as you can. A glass full of room temperature water when you wake up and before every meal. It gives your stomach the illusion of being full, and leads to healthy skin as well.

Fast & Natural Weight Loss Tips - Include Fruits & Vegetables in your diet

Single Ingredient Foods

Keep your meals as simple as possible. There is no need to decorate your plate with colours and textures, rather opt for meals that you can grab and eat in a a go such as fresh fruits and vegetables. Eating fresh raw produce will train your body to stay away from processed and complex meals, and keep you full along with giving the necessary fibre that keeps the colon clean and aids in weight loss.

Fast & Natural Weight Loss Tips - Avoid refined carbs and sugar

Limit Sugar and Carbohydrates

Every food group is essential for your body. Rather than completely giving up on carbohydrates, sugar or fats, limit your intake. If sugar is available in natural form such as fruits you may have it, however cakes, candies and artificial juices will only add up on pounds. Carbohydrates provide energy to the body, and eliminating them will only make you lethargic and dull. Add whole wheat and bran items to your diet once in a diet so that you stay fresh and energetic during the course of your weight loss.

Fast & Natural Weight Loss Tips - Eat Oats

Oats, Eggs and Yogurt

The power packed foods that must be included in your diet are oats, eggs and yogurt. Oats keep you full for long, and are a perfect breakfast option. Any fruit or topping can be added to oats, or even overnight oats can be made for a healthy breakfast. Eggs are rich in protein and are essential for the body. Eat whole eggs, boiled or loaded with healthy spinach for breakfast or lunch. A bowl of yogurt offers ample probiotics which help the body fight diseases and keeps up the immune system strong. Stay away from store-brought frozen or sweetened yogurt, and make your own Greek version at home dashed with fruit or honey.

Fast & Natural Weight Loss Tips - Lemons burn fat


Lemon is one natural product that works wonders for weight loss. A dash of freshly squeezed lemon juice on your salads and meals, or in your glass of water will help reduce fat from the body. Lemon juice can also be taken with a tall glass of lukewarm water and a spoonful of honey first thing in the morning to burn more fat, especially around the belly.

Fast & Natural Weight Loss Tips -  Do cardio


Along with major changes in your diet, cardio will boost up your metabolism and offer fast, visible and long term weight loss. Include any form of cardio in your daily life. Brisk walks, swimming, skipping rope, cycling, hiking, running or jogging are some cardio options that are also great for mental health along with physical health. Train yourself to lift weights so that you get toned along with weight losing fat.

Fast & Natural Weight Loss Tips - Portion Control

Make Healthy Choices

Along with all the above tips and keeping realistic weight loss targets, the most important tip is to make healthy choices. A cup of green tea is certainly better than a soda. Smaller portions than a large cheese burger. Portion control is essential, fill up your plate with more greens, though don't deny yourself other food groups either. Take the stairs instead of the escalator. Allow yourself a small treat once every fortnight. Sweat it out with cardio. Stay happy and cherish your body, mind and soul, and truly believe that you will achieve your goals in due time,

We strongly believe in the words of American model Gigi Hadid, "Eat clean to stay fit. Have a burger to stay sane."

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